The story of Estrella Bikes starts way back in the mid 80s.

 Two 15 year old teammates struggling to put together suitable bikes to race on, fed up with the excessive price tags on the high-end products, with a pledge that one day they would start their own bike company and make quality bikes affordable.

Over the next few years both of them suffered life changing setbacks, pushing them off in two very different directions.

One of them, Rob, became a much respected engineer, working with clients such as NASA, McLaren and Rolls Royce.

The other, Darren, became a highly decorated Paralympic cyclist with an impressive haul of gold medals from the Paralympic Games and World Championships (with Rob giving help and support in the background).

It's that expertise that make them the perfect pairing

to fulfil the dream of top quality British bikes at a price that means they are available to most.

In 2009 Darren started Estrella Bikes, a British brand with a Spanish flair, making lovely one-off bikes more as a hobby and a way to learn and make connections until the time was right to go full scale. A chat over coffee in the spring of 2015 made them both realise that the time had arrived to get back together and use their individual expertise and expand Estrella bikes.


Estrella bikes was re-born and built on the principles they'd decided 30 years earlier; Quality , Affordability , Classic Style , 5 Star Customer Service and Mutual Trust .

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