Estrella Bikes Cycling Club

Why not join the Estrella Bikes Cycling Club, we're affiliated to both British Cycling and CTT so you can race or ride in all sorts of events.

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

If you want to join the club, and ride in our great club kit, then follow the link below. As a member you will also receive a 10% off discount code for club kit from Jakroo. Check out the club clothing link to see the kit, ordered direct with no mimimum quantities, there's even triathlon/duathlon kit available. 

Estrella bikes clothing is made, and sold, by Jakroo and comes in several designs to suit your tastes, or even match your bike. It's great quality, using the most upto date fabrics and is superbly put together. Please use the link below to order your clothing directly from them, there's no minimum order number and you should receive it about 14 days later.

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