The all new Estrella Fangoso Pro, making sure that there's nothing holding you back, whereever you're riding.

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

First exciting news for 2020 is the introduction of a completely new model, the Estrella Fangoso Pro, specially for those who take their gravel riding or cyclo-cross more seriously.
Built from the very finest Toray T1000 carbon, the frame tips the scales at an impressively light 960gm bare weight (52cm) whilst giving all the race stiffness you need. Even off-road aero can be a concern so this one comes with its own dedicated carbon bars and stem into which all cables and hoses are routed through, hiding everything from the wind, not to mention any loose branches etc that you could get tangled up with!
The rear seat stays are dropped, not only for the aero advantage, but to add to the lateral stiffness whilst still providing the comfort levels you'd expect from an Estrella. We know that some of these gravel races can be pretty long and require you to carry supplies so we've added a set of discreet rack mounts here as well.
It's thru-axle front and rear, both taking a 12mm thru-axle skewer which comes with the frameset package along with a full carbon seat post, bars/stem and the special headset.

The complete frameset package is £1975 (standard paint scheme) and we can build them up with whatever groupset you require, just ask us for a personalised quote.



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