Estrella Bikes wishes to thank you for choosing one of its bicycles or frames. Estrella Bikes are committed to providing a service and quality which are second to none.
All the bicycles and the frames from Estrella are to be used by those who require maximum performance and are aware that their bicycle or frame requires due care in terms of maintenance.
In order to maintain the same level of safety and efficiency of your Estrella bicycle or frame please thoroughly read your owner’s manual, and ensure that all routine and special maintenance and or technical requirements are carried out by a qualified bicycle technician.
Conditions of the warranty
1 – Your Estrella frame and forks are covered from any original manufacturing defects for a period of 4 years (48 months) from the delivery date, in addition Estrella Bikes will cover all other components to be free from original defects for a period of 1 year (12 months) from the delivery date.
2 – The conditions of this warranty are supplied under the following conditions:
•It excludes all wearing parts which include but are not limited to: bearings, seals, cables, cable housings, all lubricants, oil, grease, brake fluid, chain, sprocket, chainrings, brake pads, tyres, bar grips and bar tape and derailleur hangers.
•Damage to paintwork or anodising are not covered
•Estrella Bikes reserve the right to repair defective frames and forks or to replace them with current or a corresponding successor model.
•The warranty starts from the date of delivery and is only valid for the original owner of the frame or bike.
•The warranty does not cover other costs incurred, including but not limited to assembly and/or transport.
•Damage caused by incorrect or unintended use, such as negligence (lack of care and maintenance), crashes, excessive stress and modifications to the frame or fork, including the installation of additional components, are not covered by the warranty. This warranty covers only the defined intended purpose.
3 – In case, within the warranty period, your Estrella bicycle/frame requires attention due to a defect, we recommend that you contact Estrella Bikes via email at: info@estrella-bikes.com with the following details including: your name, address, telephone number and date of purchase, and description of defect and where possible photographic evidence.
•In the case of repairs/replacement being required due to an original defect, we will endeavour to carry them out/replace as quickly as possible whilst ensuring that no quality is sacrificed.
•Before delivering your bicycle or frame, Estrella Bikes visually inspect it prior to despatch. Once delivered please look over your bicycle or frame ensuring no transit damage has occurred. Please contact Estrella Bikes immediately if your frame or bicycle shows any transit damage.

•Safety and good operation of your Estrella bike or frame is highly dependent on proper maintenance. Please read thoroughly the operating and maintenance manual supplied and follow the advice contained within very carefully. We remind you that the warranty excludes but is not limited to normal wear and tear, incorrect maintenance, improper use of the product, damage caused by accident, transportation, use of corrosive substances (including acid sweat) and, with regard to frames, the use of non-compatible or unsuitable components.
•In case the product needs to be replaced within the warranty period, if the same product is no longer available and/or discontinued, Estrella Bikes reserve the right to supply you ‘The Customer’ with a similar product, which will have (where possible) the same values and technical features.

Components made of carbon reinforced fibre should be cleaned with a soft rag/sponge and clean water, to which a small amount of washing liquid may be added if necessary. Tough stains of oil or grease can be removed using a small amount of petroleum based cleaning agent. Never use degreasing agents containing acetone, trichloroethylene, methyl chloride etc, solvents or non-natural, chemical or solvent-containing agents that could attack the paint or surface below!
You can use car wax to protect the surface which may also give it extra shine.
Polishing agents or varnish remover contain chemicals which could attack the surface.
Inspect the chain for wear, clean and degrease if required.
Always keep braking surfaces free of cleaning agents and lubricants!
If your Estrella has been delivered with carbon wheels, ensure when replacing the brake pads (if using calipers) that they are suited for carbon rimmed wheels.
Do’s and Don’ts
DO NOT clamp a carbon frame or carbon seat post in the holding jaws of a workstand. Use a stand which clamps via the forks and supports using the bottom bracket. Change the seat post for an aluminium one if clamping via the seat post.
DO check the condition of the brake pads at regular intervals for ingress and wear.
DO NOT grease carbon components, grease will over time penetrate the surface of the carbon material.
DO always torque to the recommended setting, over torqueing will lead to possible damage to the component or frame.
DO NOT clean your Estrella with a jet wash, this may penetrate seals and lead to loss of grease around bearings.
DO when cleaning generally inspect the frame and its components for any damage.
*Recommended tightening torques:
Front derailleur mount – braze on mount to frame 7Nm
**Seat post clamp 5-7Nm
Seat post clamp – to saddle 7Nm
Bottle cage bolts 4Nm
M5 stem bolts 5Nm
M6 stem bolts 6Nm
*always torque bolts carefully by approaching the maximum torque in small steps.
**always use a carbon based compound when clamping the seat post in the seat tube.

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