Introducing the Estrella Fangoso CX/Gravel bike

The Estrella Fangoso, or Muddy Star, is our premium cyclo-cross/gravel bike.

Built from the famous Toray T800 carbon fibre it's both lightweight and strong and is designed to perform at the highest levels.

The front forks are a chunky affair, built to withstand the rigours of off-road riding and designed, in conjuction with the headtube angles, to give precise handling and control over the many different surfaces you'll encounter.

The rear stays bow both inwards and forwards, meeting at the top in a wishbone configuration, combining to give just the right amount of flex to absorb much of the rough stuff while maintaining the stiffness needed for performance riding.

Our usual stand out colour designs are finished in a high gloss to aid cleaning after those extra muddy days and to add a little more protection.

Available to special order for either thru-axle or quick release hubs and a variety of build options.





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