In the event of an accident or severe crash, the high forces exerted on the frame can lead to structural failure during subsequent use. With our crash replacement programme we offer you the opportunity to replace your damaged Estrella frameset (frame and forks) at a greatly reduced cost.
•This offer is valid up to four years after the date of purchase. You will receive a comparable frame without components such as seat post, front derailleur etc at the current frameset price less 50%.
•The crash replacement service is limited to the original owner and to damages that compromise the functionality of the bike.
•Estrella Bikes reserve the right to suspend this service if we detect that the damage has been caused wilfully or it is of a merely visual nature.
•Estrella Bikes wish to add that it is not possible to change to a different model.
•Estrella Bikes reserve the right to supply you with a similar product, although still bearing with the same value and same technical features.

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